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What are Expert Roundups?
Our GeekForge Expert Roundups are articles where experts answer different questions pertaining to the fields of: artificial intelligence, robotics, the blockchain, quantum computing, cybersecurity, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Then the articles are shared by the experts quoted in an article.

During 2019-2020 we plan on publishing 670 articles on top-tier tech websites. Each article is an Expert Roundup that answered one particular question. The article is then published on top-tier platforms and shared by experts on social media.
Here is an example of such an article:
And here is its traction on social media:
As well as some statistics about the viewership of an article:
What Do Sponsor Received?
As a sponsor, you will receive up to 3 do-follow or no-follow links (depending on the top-tier platform it is being published on) from each article. Quotes are good not only in terms of SEO, but also as traffic links. You will also be mentioned in the first 3 quotes, the average CTR of such placement is about 1.5%.
Here is an example of a placement:
Expert Roundups sponsorships are a good way to build your expertise on a topic and place yourself or your product in front of a dedicated community of entrepreneurs and tech professionals.
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